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Welcome to the NEW Token Tournament!

We have been running some *trial* matches in the Ion Fleming's
Thunderball Deuces room for a couple of weeks now and feel
it's time to take this up a notch and get more people involved!

The game is very simple. You would play your game of Deuces
the way you normally would but with a few fun twists!

First of all, we set a time to meet in the room and establish
who are the people wanting to play. (we call it racing lol)
We will try to have these races at various times as we know
everyone has a different schedule - so if you can't make the early
race, perhaps you can catch the next one!

Here's how we play:

At the beginning of the race, a scorekeeper will write down all
the total tokens each player has at that time. (It would be helpful if
everyone would look at their own scores and send that number to
chat so the score keeper and yourself agree that is what you are
starting out with.

*Do Not Click until the score keeper says "GO"*

A set time limit will be established before the game starts so
everyone knows how long the game is going to last and if they are
going to have enough time to complete the game. Usually, our trial
games go any where from 30 mins. to an hour.

During this time, after the scorekeeper starts the game, you
have to click like mad!!! LOL Your goal is to earn as many tokens
as you can in that time frame.

When the score keeper says STOP... you must put down your
pencils and sit back and wait for the score keeper to tally up
the points.Do not click at this time or your score will be
inaccurate. The scores are calculated by taking your NEW token
amount and subtracting your starting amount. The difference is
how much you made in that time frame.

There are a few rules of Etiquette that we will observe while
playing. They are as follows:

1) If someone comes to the room AFTER the game has started,
they will have to wait till the next game. The reason for this is
because the scorekeeper would have to stop playing her game to
get the new person set up. It would not be fair to the person
taking the score.

2) This fine group of people Sindy has gathered in here are best
known for their kindness and warmth. The quick "hello's" and the
(((hugs))) as well as the "wtg's" and the "TYs" have made a sort of
trademark for our group and new people coming in see this and
remember it, too. While we are in a race, there is no reason to
stop these courtesies by ignoring them because we are too busy
clicking away. So, all players in the race will kindly stop for the
brief second it takes to welcome or congratulate another person.
Use the QUARKS if it helps, but please, help us uphold the
room reputation. Thanks!

3) Keeping score is really no big deal and it should be looked at
as an honor to be that person. It does not take you away from the
game once the game starts, but you do have to do a little simple
math once the game is over to announce the Winner. We would ask
each player to take his or her turn with this task so the same
people or person is not left to do it all the time.
It would be greatly appreciated.

We forgot one thing!!! LOL
What does the WINNER win??
That is an easy one ....  BRAGGING RIGHTS!!
You. or someone else can go to Lionesses Message Board and post the
winner! In Time, we will have a more formal way of showing
off your wins.

Good Luck Everyone
And Have Fun!!!
See you in the Games!
Sindy, Lioness5608 and Aardvark

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