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~ Hang Loose Gang ~


Here is a list of the "Roomies" who have
sent in their photos and have helped contribute
to the success of this site!

Soon, you will be able to see all of them!!
But, right now there are only 49 ready to meet you!
And remember ~ these pages were all created in "800 x 600"
resolution and should be viewed in that setting.

Aardvark (done) Ak_Linda
AvengerLady (done) BedBug
BeesBuddy (done) BlackRose
Blttogo (done) Bobbi (done)
BreePet (done) BrownEyedGirl (done)
BumbleBee (done) Carjeff (done)
CannyCat (done) CatNip (done)
Cherryl65757 (done) ClancyMine
Decafsis (done) Deona
Dmwrm (done) Garfield (done)
HappyHolidays (done)
     (new nick "Meemee_nooloo")
HeavenlyLight Hhappy4Me
ImaGoldenGirl (done) James (done)
JJwilly (done) Kanga & Renegade (done)
Khris (done) Krystal43 (done)
LadyBird Lanky (done)
LittleWhiteDuck (done) Loomis (done)
Lynnipoo (done) Lynnmacl(done) (new nick "CanLynn")
MaHen Mary (done)
Millie4 (done) Mom2be (done)
Mr. & Mrs. Beau (done) Ohio27
OlderThanDirt (done) OregonRain (done)
PaperDudes PK
Pji2 PugLady (done)
QueenBofT (done) RoseCa35 (done)
Sammy36F (done) Sandpiper (done)
Sassyred (done) Sauni
SeaStar (done) Sgctg
Sharonca Shorty5  Page 1      Page 2 (done)
Skinny (done) (Space-4-Rent)
Tiny1 (done) Toofs (done)
Toolman Totoofoz (done)
Touched (done) TurkeyWithPartsMissing
    (new nicks "MrsGrinch, Jonivan45")
Wingnut (done) Wishuponastar
Witchybtchybratt WvFrances (done)

There are a few more pages of the "original roomies"
that I still have to design so you can meet them, too.
Be patient .. they will be up soon!!
I have not forgotten about any of you.

If you think of anything new you would like to see
added to the pages listed above, drop me and note and I
will talk about it with you.
I am always looking for new and fun ideas!!

Hugs to you All!
~  Aardvark  ~

Send in your Suggestions

(or just drop a note to me and say Hello!)

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