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Welcome to the


Hello!  We are proud to present to you our little corner of the web
where all of our Bingo Friends have gathered.  We are part of the online "" bingo game in a room called HANG LOOSE.

In these next few pages, you will find pictures, names & bits of
information about some of the gang members you might come
across while in the game. You will also find links for the game,
a page of recent tournament winners, and some fun things
we will be tossing in here from time to time.

So, take a few minutes and have a peek at some of the friendliest
bingo players you will probably ever find on the net. Also, if you
haven't already, go ahead and sign up for your own account with "" and come meet all of us there!
We look forward to seeing you!!

Here are some of the places you can click on to
navigate around our site:

Hang Loose Gang Pictures
March 26, 2001
(New pictures added all the time so be sure to check back often!)

Celebrate  with  Us!!!
  Jan. 16, 2001
(Go to this page and get the scoop on all the Roomies Birth dates!!!)

Where are You Located??
  Jan. 16, 2001
(Take a look at where all the Roomies are located geographically)

Alwaysfreebingo Main Page
(Go here to register for your own bingo account and meet the gang!)

Bingo Game Screen Shots
(Here are a couple screen shots taken during a game one night ~ we were having fun as usual!!)

Tournament Winner's Page
Update coming Soon!!
(In here you will find out who won the latest tournaments held various times
throughout the week. Take a look and see who all the lucky players were!)

 Credits & Awards Page
March 26, 2001
(This is where I give credit to the web sites for many of
the graphics and backgrounds that I did not make myself.
Also, you will find the awards we have received for our site.)

Thanks for dropping by!  If you find any broken links or have some suggestions for this site, please do not hesitate to notify me.
Here is a link for my email address and my nick is  "Aardvark"

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