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~ Credits  &  Awards  ~

I have created a good portion of the backgrounds
and artwork you will see in these pages using
Animation Shop 1.0
Poser 3
GIFworks 3.0 and Site Builder - both by Tripod
VistaPro3 and Corel Draw.

Other animations & clipart created by:


Some backgrounds & clipart created by:



Our site has received a few awards
in it's early stages of growing.
(We are quite proud of the work so far.)

"2000-2001 Golden Web Award"
Presented by:
"The International Association of
Web Masters and Designers"


"Alamo5 Awards" for Fantastic Site

Click on the award to see some of her great work!!

Our site has been honored with 2 special awards
from one of our roomies - TotoOfOz.
Be sure to click on one of these to visit
her personal site as well! Thanks, Pat!!


We have applied for more awards
and will be posting them here as we get them.

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