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~  SeaStar  ~



Hi ~ I am "SeaStar" or Brenda.

This is a picture of my husband Skip and me that was taken
during our wedding reception at the local town park.
We live in Pennsylvania.

I am 32 and have been been married for almost 16 years.

I have 2 great kids ~ a son 12 and a daughter 8.
Their names are Shawn and Amanda.

I used to be the captain of security at a place called Blue
Falcon Forge, a steel mill, until it closed down the beginning
of this year. Now, I am a stay-at-home mom who plays
bingo and raises her kids. But, I love this job just as much
as my old one ~ probably even more!

I like to read, do needle crafts and I enjoy a good puzzle now
and then. I also like to play Bingo, of course ... lol.

I would like you to visit my home page, too.
Click on the pretty rose below!

~  SeaStar  ~

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