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~  RoseCa35  ~



Hello, my name is Rosalie!!

I live in sunny California and have been happily married
for 16 years in February. I have two wonderful children.
Justin Ryan is 10 and Chantal Starlene is 15. 

I have been raised in a small christian church most of
my life.  In fact, my brother is the assistant pastor at
the church I attend now.

I love to play bingo (like most of us) and also I play at
other sites such as pogo and flipside. 
My favorite color is purple and I am just crazy
over winnie the pooh!!!!
My favorite animal is a siamese kitten (since I have one
and love her to death). Her name is Sassy! 

Oh yeah, I was born here in California 35 yrs ago.
My birthday is Jan. 14, 1965 and my 16th anniversary
will be February 16th this coming year.

Like I said, I love to play bingo but never stay at a site
for more than 2 hours because I play at alot of sites ~ lol!!
Okay, there you have my wonderful, exciting life! 

Rosalie (RoseCa35) 


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