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        ~  QueenBofT  ~



                             Hi, everyone!  I am "QueenBofT".

                 I was born and raised in Missouri where I spent the
                    last 38 years. I now live in Texas and have been
                    here for 1 year. I am recently married to a wonderful
                      man ~Mike. This is my 4th husband, he better
                   be wonderful huh?

                   I have 2 beautiful grandchildren, Ravin age 3 and
                   Trenton age 8 months. I have 2 grown sons 20 and 21.

                    My hobbies are BINGO, gambling (love Las Vegas),
                    sewing, cooking, camping, country music, traveling,
                    collecting lighthouses and many other things.

                 I want to thank you for all your help and I think
                 the web-site you are doing is a wonderful thing.
                 Everybody is curious about who they are
                 talking to and now they can see.

                 Your Friend, Connie

                   One more thing...I got my name from my
                    husband, he calls me his Queen, my last name
                   starts with "B" and I am from "T"exas.


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