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~  SandPiper  ~


Hi ~ my name is Sandy
I live in St. Thomas, Ontario.
I (just turned) 45 years old and am very
active volunteering in my community.

I live with my two persian cats
Winston        and          Ashly


and my little stray kitty, Emily.

I also have two turtles named Mark & Darlene.

I am a social worker who works in a housing
shelter for single women and a member of
the Lions Club. I am also an amateur artist who
is hoping it can become a full time career, but
for now, I will keep going to work!

I have no children but love other people's
children. I did have a beautiful little girl
named Kadee who passed away in 1986
when I was married.  

I travel a lot because I am an avid scuba diver and
love to see and meet new people. I love nature
and spent a lot of time studying those
little critters underwater.

I like playing bingo with my friends in
"Hang Loose" because they make me laugh.
Love my buddies at the bingo!

Sandy "Sandpiper"

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