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~ ImaGoldenGirl ~



Hi, I am Mary Anne ... or
"ImaGoldenGirl" as most of you know me!

I live in London, Ontario, Canada and was
born October 2, 1950.

Formerly a homemaker, I am now a Market
Research Interviewer.

I have been with my other half "Don C." for
2½ years. We were engaged Christmas 2000!
We have 6 children between us ~ 4 boys
and 2 girls and we have
6 grandchildren ~ 2 boys and 4 girls.

Some of my favorites are: my other half,
yellow and peach roses, and our

My hobbies are: my other half (see a pattern here?)
my grandchildren, crocheting, knitting, writing children's stories and poems, baking and
playing Bingo with the
"Hang Loose Gang".


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