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~  CannyCat  ~



My name is Kathy or "Cannycat".

I  live in a small fishing village in Halifax,
Nova Scotia. I've been married over 24 years
and have 2 children, a girl 23 and a son 12.
I also have 2 granddaughters.

I had the privilege of volunteering for a few
years at my son's elementary school, but
now that he's in Junior High he no longer
wants Mom hanging around.
I enjoyed the time I spent helping the teachers
in the classrooms and I also ran the school
cafeteria for a year or two while serving
as PTO.  Organizing fund raisers for the
school was great fun.

I love to do crafting.  Plastic canvas is one
of my favorites, but  I also crochet,
knit, and do bead crafts.
I also like to collect recipes.

I enjoy having fun and playing bingo with my
"Hang Loose" buddies.  I've made several new
friends since coming online and enjoy the
time spent with all of them .

~ CannyCat ~


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