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~  BumbleBee  ~


~ Bumblebee ~
First name:  Carol
Birthday:  June 24
Home:  Kent, Washington 

Occupation:  Currently, working as an office assistant at elementary
school. Previously (and the most rewarding), worked in multiple
schools as a family advocate, helping families in crisis find
community resources.

Favorite animal: Bee
Favorite color: Pink and Purple (sorry, I just don't look good in yellow)
Favorite Music:  Flight of the Bumblebee (of course!), actually any
kind of music from classical to country

Other Favorites: Spending time with my wonderful family, "BeesBuddy"
and  "blttogo" (my bestest friends), Working with kids - coaching
soccer/baseball - volunteering at schools, Anything BEE, Bingo with
friends, Very involved in PTA locally and statewide

Collections: BEES (stuffed and other collectibles), Salt and Pepper
Shakers (love to cook), Boyd's Bears and Porcelain Hinged Boxes

Married, Husband-- Alan (Love of my life!)-- August 5, 1978 
Saving The Best for Last, My Three Children:
Nic--20, Matt--18 and Sarah--15

See you in "Hang Loose" Room!

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