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~ Mr. & Mrs. Beau ~

Hi Gang! We are Mr. & Mrs. Beau.

MrBEAU (by the way even though beau is part of his last
name)has went by the name Beau all his life.)  He was born
and raised in Fall River, Mass. At an early age he became
quite renowned in the local area as a 12 year old rhythym
guitarist in a local band that played in numerous locations.

MrsBEAUwas born and raised in Iowa, a farmgirl at that.
(Now I know why the gang talks about flying pigs - LOL).

Both of us were previously married. When MrBEAUand I met
in Utah, I came to him with a ready made family, of which he
accepted and loved from day one. We are the proud parents
of 5 sons and 1 daughter and we have three beautiful
grandchildren, two little girls ages 6 and 7 and a gorgeous
baby boy age 7 mo.

MrBEAU is the head painter for a very large
company here in Salt Lake City and MrsBEAU is
Preferred Customer Associate for UPS. (NOT Fed-X) lol

As you can all tell, we are deeply in love and enjoy having
fun spending time with each other.  We adore all our new
found bingo friends and welcome them into our family.

MrBEAU's hobbies include music, fishing and bingo, not
necessarily in that order. Of course, bingo comes first.
 His favorite color is blue.

MrsBEAU's hobbies are music, crochet, and bingo, again not in that
order.  YEAH, BINGO!!! She also likes collecting
angel ornaments. Her favorite color is green.

Our favorite animals are our dog Brandy, a beautiful red blend of a chow
and a Irish Setter, who by the way rules our roost and our tropical fish.
We also have a long haired Calico kitten by the name of Socks.

Our favorite songs are "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by the Eagles and
"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.

And, We LOVE  the Hang Loose Gang!!!!!!

~ Ron & Ragena ~

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